• erin and albert's wedding


    These are some pictures from Erin and Albert's wedding.

  • bernard and agnes in faneuil hall


    We visited Boston to attend the AAN conference, visit friends, and see what's changed.

  • carpenter bees


    We had a problem with carpenter bees.

  • comic con 2006


    We went to the San Diego Comic Con 2006 with about 50,000 other people. It was fun, but we didn't have nearly as much time there as we did when we went in 2004.

  • peggy and sean


    Peggy and Sean got married on June 11th. It was our girls' first cross-country flight, and the first time they met a good number of our friends.

  • dylan


    Dylan was born on April 18th. He's Jared's younger brother.

  • bees


    Some bees showed up around in our house.

  • a little home maintenance


    We've been working on a few maintenance projects around the house.

  • 07.04.2005

    Over the 4th of July weekend, Frances and Jon had their wedding celebration.

  • 05.31.2005

    This Memorial Day Weekend, we painted the babies' room.

  • 05.19.2005

    We went got a new dresser.

  • 04.21.2005

    We went to Hawaii again.

  • 03.31.2005

    I've been having some trouble keeping up with the grass in the backyard.

  • we're expecting twins!


    After waiting a bit to see how the pregnancy was going, we finally decided to post our blog on our pregnancy.

  • 2005 Los Angeles Marathon


    After months of preparation, Shane and I finally ran the 2005 Los Angeles Marathon!

  • pumping water from our crawl space


    Our crawl space flooded again, and so we bought a submersible water pump to drain it.

  • central heat and air conditioning


    We got central heating and air conditioning installed to replace our damaged floor furnace (and non-existant cooling).

  • thanksgiving 2004


    We had a bunch of people come over for Thanksgiving this year.

  • the chicago skyline


    I've been out in Chicago for work. Agnes came out for a meeting, and we spent the weekend sight seeing.

  • the walt disney concert hall


    We went to go take a self-guided audio tour at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

  • crab at redondo beach


    Anna and Shane came down to LA and we went out to Redondo Beach to eat some crab.

  • san diego comic con 2004


    We met up with Sean and Peggy at the San Diego Comic Con 2004.

  • jeannie and allan


    We went to Boston to attend Jeannie and Allan's wedding. These pictures were supplemented by additional photos from Anna and Shane.

  • sunrise in hawaii


    We went to Hawaii.

  • anne and terry


    Terry and Anne got married in Boston. These pictures came from both our camera and Anna and Shane's camera. Angi also took pictures, which she posted on her blog.

  • taj mahal


    I took a trip to our Sapient office in India and did some sightseeing.

  • our coffee table


    Our new coffee table.

  • our damn heater


    Our damn heater.

  • the gardens at the getty center


    A visit to the Getty Center.

  • halloween 2003


    Halloween 2003.

  • a waterfall in new york


    We took a vacation to Atlanta and New York with Albert.

  • jared exploring the cupboards


    Jared turns fourteen months.

  • bernard in front of saddleback mountain


    We went hiking at O'Neill Regional Park in Mission Viejo.

  • agnes going 'blah!'


    We took a weekend trip to San Francisco to visit Shane, Anna, Jeremy, Susan, and Sarah.

  • raccoon


    Agnes' parents deal with getting rid of a raccoon.

  • sitting on the grass


    Suephy, Ed, and Jared take a trip to Bermuda. Jared also turns one year old.

  • blue jeans


    Jared turns 10 months. He's standing, feeding himself and very happy.

  • pillows


    Over vacation, a couple of weeks ago, we decided it was finally time to buy a bed. It's another item from our long-standing wishlist.

  • jared crawling


    More pictures of Jared. He's nine months old now, and he's now crawling and feeding himself (sort of).

  • house


    A partial tour of our house. These pictures were taken prior to moving our stuff in.

  • climbing


    Over Christmas break, a number of us went rock climbing.

  • house


    Our experiences in shopping for a house. We started this process the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we closed on January 30, 2003.

  • turkey


    What we did for Thanksgiving this year.

  • pumpkin


    Jared has had a busy month and a half, including learning to roll over, eating solid foods, first haircut, first Halloween, first trip to the zoo, and a 5-month birthday. Whew!

  • jacklantern


    Halloween is the most important holiday of the year for the Department of Pediatrics at Agnes' work. Everyone dresses up and the residents put on skits. This year the Nursery and NICU teams dressed up as Veggie Tales; the Pediatric Ward team dressed up as characters from Monsters Inc.; the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) team dressed up as Austin Powers.

  • london


    Our trip to London. It took us a little while to put these pages together, but we finally have.

  • jared


    Agnes and I visited Jared in Atlanta. He just turned four months old during our visit

  • carseat


    Jared was born on June 5th. Albert and I visited Suephy, Ed and Jared at the end of July, with my parents.