Our house was built in 1940, and it has neither central air conditioning nor central heating. While one wouldn't expect to need either of them a whole lot in Southern California, it does actually get cold at night during this time of year. We end up using our one built-in gas heater, which sits in the floor of our family room to heat up many rooms of the house.


A couple of days ago, Agnes got up in the morning and walked through the family room to go to the kitchen. On the way, she stepped on the grill of the heater and yelled out. The heater had gotten hot enough during the night to burn her foot :(. There is a warning sticker on the heater, but this is the only time this has happened to either of us.

Luckily, the burn wasn't bad, but last night Agnes said that she still had lines on her foot from where the heater had burned her.


Agnes was good enough to allow this picture of her foot to be put on our web site (even though I didn't want to post pictures of the sores I got from my bout of "hand food and mouth" disease that I got from Jared). If you look closely, you can see a cross-hatch pattern on her big toe and on the ball of her foot. Agnes is now calling the heater "our damn heater".