This year for Thanksgiving, Agnes and I hosted my family. Suephy, Ed and Jared came from Atlanta. Albert flew in from New York, and my parents came up. My parents were going to stay in Irvine for the weekend and just come up for Thanksgiving dinner, but we would have Albert, Suephy, Ed and Jared in our house for the better part of the weekend. We've never had so many people in the house before.

Here was our itinerary for the weekend:

We were a little nervous about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for everyone since Agnes and I really aren't much for cooking for more than just the two of us. For the most part, we tend to cook "one-bowl meals" where everything we eat fits into a single large bowl for each of us. That wasn't going to work for Thanksgiving.

We asked Anna and Shane to come down two weeks before Thanksgiving so that we could do a practice run with Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a salad. They came down, we practiced cooking everything, and we learned a lot about the timing of the different dishes. The practice dinner was horribly late and a little bit salty. We also messed up the gravy. Anna took pictures and you can see them on their site. Don't mind the pictures of the exercise equipment.

For that entire weekend itinerary, we mostly just have pictures of Thanksgiving dinner and the aquarium. Please continue onward to see the pictures.