other recipes
  • easy iced tea

    The easiest iced tea ever.

  • comparison of two-quart pots

    Our two-quart pot broke and we had to buy a replacement.

  • pork meatballs

    Our kids have been eating these pork meatballs.

  • split pea soup

    Though it's an acquired taste, we do like our split pea soup.

  • M&Ms

    We tried out Mega M&Ms.

  • barilla plus

    We tried out Barilla Plus, a healthier pasta.

  • water glass

    A simple mnemonic for remembering which water is yours.

  • beef noodle soup

    A recipe for beef noodle soup.

  • peanuts
  • crawfish etouffée

    A crawfish etouffée recipe. We found this recipe on the Internet. We need to see if Vin has any suggestions for how to change it.

  • cheese

    What kind of cheese crackers are your favorite?

  • minestrone soup

    This minestrone soup recipe is completely vegetarian.  We've found that people enjoy it, but often leave the kidney beans uneaten at the bottom of their bowls.  Kidney beans are good for you people!

  • guacamole

    Here's a recipe for guacamole that we found on-line.  We've been continually changing it as we modify it to our taste.

  • recommended restaurants

    As we settle into Torrance, we're looking for restaurants for the different kinds of food we get when we go out to eat.

  • cookware

    We describe the kitchen equipment we use on a regular basis, our essential cookware.

  • cheesesteak

    Philly cheesesteaks aren't good for you, but they can be really tasty.

  • skillet

    Over time, we've changed from buying ingredients as we need them to making sure that we always have some ingredients in stock. Here is how we stock our kitchen.

  • steak

    Albert wrote some pointers on cooking the perfect steak.

  • sticky rice

    Sticky rice is a traditional Chinese dish, prepared with sweet (or glutinous) rice and pork, shitake mushrooms and dried shrimp. This is a simplified recipe that is less sensitive to the actual amounts used.

  • cucumber salad

    This cucumber salad recipe is a simple dish to prepare well ahead of a meal.

  • mussel

    A little bit ago, we tried cooking some mussels.  On a cooking show, they showed that one of the easiest ways to cook mussels is to simply put them on a hot iron skillet -- no oil or anything like that.  They are then seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper.  The recipe is here: Iron Skillet Roasted Mussels.  They are delicious!

  • Kung Pao Chicken

    This recipe for Kung Pao Chicken is very easy to prepare. Agnes and I often make it because it is very quick and we usually have most of the ingredients.

  • nuts

    I'm a huge fan of all sorts of nuts. Agnes and I talked about which kinds we like.

  • snowcrab

    Snow crab is a sweet and flavorful kind of crab that is very easy to eat.

  • linguine and mussels

    For years we enjoyed the linguine and mussels special at Il Panino near Harvard Square.

  • Oyako Donburi

    A recipe for Oyako Donburi -- rice topped with pieces of quickly cooked chicken and green onions which have been blended with eggs. This recipe came from Suephy.