We know that we should be buying furniture for the baby room, but our old dresser was just giving out on us. We originally bought the old dresser from IKEA about 5 years ago. From the start, one of the drawers wouldn't open and close smoothly, but over time, each of the drawers started to fail on us. The bottom of each drawer would start to sag, which would eventually make it difficult for us to open the drawer underneath unless we went through some contortions to push up the bottom of the upper drawer while opening the lower drawer.

Even though we live in an area full of furniture shops, we had never really tried the local stores for furniture. A number of them recently started posting signs saying they were clearing inventory, so we thought we should look for some baby furniture (hopefully a dresser with a changing area on top). What we found was a beautiful all-maple dresser that was heavily discounted. We picked up the floor model and it was delivered today.