To prepare for actually applying for a mortgage, we need to get a number of pieces of financial information together.  This checklist was created to help us make sure we have everything in one place.

Documents your lender may request

Copy of purchase contract
Last two tax returns, plus accompanying Federal W-2 and 1099 forms
Pay stubs for the last 30 days
Most recent statements for all your credit card accounts
Coupon book for any outstanding home, auto, school or other loans
Bank and brokerage-account statements for the past three months
IRA/Keogh/401(k) statements for the past three months
Title of any cars you own (if less than five years old)

Other documents you may need

Recent profit-and-loss statements and related documents (if you're self-employed)
Transcript or diploma (if you've been a student in the last two years)
Relocation agreement (if you were transferred into the area)
Sales contract of home you currently own
Divorce or legal separation documents
Bankruptcy files
Award letter and copy of most recent check if you're on Social Security, retirement, disability, or if you receive funds from legal settlement