Now that we've moved to Torrance, we face the challenge of finding nearby restaurants for all of the various foods we get when we go out to eat.  Below is a listing of the types of food (in no particular order), where we've found it elsewhere, and what we've found that is nearby.

No doubt everyone who reads this list will have alternate suggestions for pretty much any category.  We welcome them!  However, if they are too far out of the way, the suggestions may still not make the list. For instance, Sushi Nozawa is an amazing sushi place in the valley, but we never go there because it's just too far.  Also, make sure to email us if you have suggestions where we've put down "Unknown".

Food Torrance West LA Irvine/OC Boston New York
Pho Pho Hana Unknown Pho '79 Pho Pasteur Pho Bolsa
Sushi Unknown Tsuji No Hana Koto Fugakyu Monster Sushi
Ramen Mama Ramen Asahi Ramen Mitsuwa Porter Square Sapporo
Boba Upper House Volcano Tea Tea Station Lollicup Tea Ren
Korean (not bbq) Unknown Kaya Irvine Tofu Shilla's Won Jo's
Inexpensive Italian Unknown Pomodoro Sweet Basil's Il Panino Express Unknown
Dumplings Unknown Unknown Peking Dumpling House Wang's Fried Dumpling House
Burritos Baja Fresh Baja Fresh Super Antojitos #2 Anna's Taqueria Unknown
Bagels Bagel Factory East Coast Bagels East Coast Bagels Breugger Bagels Pick-a-Bagels
Dim Sum Unknown VIP Harbor Seafood Unknown Emperor Garden Golden Unicorn
Indian Kabab Curry Unknown India Oven India Quality Restaurant Balucci's
Katsudon Unknown Unknown Mitsuwa Porter Square Sapporo
Rice Balls Mitsuwa Nijiya Mitsuwa Kotobukiya Daikichi Sushi
Sandwiches Sacheez Cafe Briazz East Coast Bagels La Verde's Prêt a Manger
Ethiopian/Eritrean Unknown Unknown Unknown Asmara Meskerem
Tapas Unknown Cobras and Matadors Unknown Tapéo Unknown
Paella Unknown La Paella Unknown Iruña Unknown
Cambodian Unknown Unknown Unknown Elephant Walk Cambodian's
Delivery Pizza Papa John's Papa John's Northwood Pizza Pizzeria Regina's Mario's Pizza
Brunch Unknown Unknown Unknown S&S Deli A Table
Ice Cream Unknown Cold Stone Creamery Unknown Herrell's Seduttos
Chinese Grandma's Place Unknown A&J Unknown Sweet and Tart